We Have Allies at Gmail!

Today when I looked in my Gmail trash folder there was a recycling tip at the top that said:

"You can make a lovely hat out of previously-used aluminum foil. "

I would like to add to that tip, however: give it a sniff first, if you don't want stray dogs following you around all day.


Pictures of Bigfoot

A backpacker on Silver Star Mountain has taken pictures of Sasquatch, maybe?


Be Prepared!

I'm (usually) in the process of rebuilding and restocking my disaster preparedness kit.
It's a 3-day grab and go kit in case of earthquake, cataclysm, insurrection, or whatever.

In the wake of Katrina, I'm thinking 3 days doesn't quite cut it. I better make it a whole week.

Have I left anything out? Tell me what.

Building a Disaster Kit:

If you go camping, you probably already have most of this stuff.
Just make sure you have all the supplies on hand before you need them. Gather up
your camping gear in one secure location. Buy supplies as if you're going camping
for a week, 12 months from now, but won't be able to buy supplies before you go.


Lots and lots of water - one gallon per person per day, for me, my wife and the dog, That's nine gallons for a 3-day kit. Six gallon jugs will fit in one of those big plastic storage boxes. Keep it out of direct light or it will start growing algae.
A drop or two of bleach will extend the storage life of water in a jug.
Buy a couple of extra cases of bottled water when it's on sale, and rotate your stock,
even bottled water goes stale after sitting too long.

Paper Towels

These can double as toilet paper in an emergency.


Three meals a day. For each person you need to feed.
You probably want to pack more than energy bars, but they will keep you alive in an emergency.
Canned fruit, Applesauce, Pringles (canned chips), cookies, canned meat. Don't forget the dog food.
Don't forget the can opener. Salt pepper sugar tabasco sauce.


If you have any addictions, you should plan for them. I mean cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, whatever. You'll be having a hard enough time already, don't add withdrawl to your list of problems. Bring enough for more than a week, FEMA won't be bringin' you any booze.


If you need them, pack them. Think of the consequences of not having your medicine.
Include antacids, aspirin...

First Aid Kit

You should have one of these anyway, the more complete the better.
You should keep one handy anyway.


Plan for 3 days of the worse weather for your region.


You might be able to sleep in your car, maybe not.
If you own a tent, keep it with your kit. Some tarps and ropes come in handy when building your wilderness survival compound.
If you're at home you may need that plastic sheeting and duct tape.


Bring lots of it, everything will be much more expensive during a crisis.
Yes, it's very sad some people are so greedy they would take advantage of you when you're down on your luck. Some people really suck. That's life in the big city.
Plan on it.

Implements of Destruction

No, I'm not talking about WMD's. I mean a shovel, a pick, an axe, a saw, Vice Grips...


Matches in a waterproof container, Candles, Flashlight, Lightstick, Radio, Batteries, Portable stove (sterno), Paper, Pencil, Duct tape, McGuyver Knife, Gloves, trash bags...


The police will be too busy to protect you during a disaster.
Take responsibility for your own protection.
Does anybody not know what I'm talking about?
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Exploiting Bigfoot?

He's big, he's hairy, he's an author
How could anybody write about Sasquatch as if they know him, just for a joke. I just can't believe anybody could do this (besides me).