We Have Allies at Gmail!

Today when I looked in my Gmail trash folder there was a recycling tip at the top that said:

"You can make a lovely hat out of previously-used aluminum foil. "

I would like to add to that tip, however: give it a sniff first, if you don't want stray dogs following you around all day.


Pictures of Bigfoot

A backpacker on Silver Star Mountain has taken pictures of Sasquatch, maybe?


Be Prepared!

I'm (usually) in the process of rebuilding and restocking my disaster preparedness kit.
It's a 3-day grab and go kit in case of earthquake, cataclysm, insurrection, or whatever.

In the wake of Katrina, I'm thinking 3 days doesn't quite cut it. I better make it a whole week.

Have I left anything out? Tell me what.

Building a Disaster Kit:

If you go camping, you probably already have most of this stuff.
Just make sure you have all the supplies on hand before you need them. Gather up
your camping gear in one secure location. Buy supplies as if you're going camping
for a week, 12 months from now, but won't be able to buy supplies before you go.


Lots and lots of water - one gallon per person per day, for me, my wife and the dog, That's nine gallons for a 3-day kit. Six gallon jugs will fit in one of those big plastic storage boxes. Keep it out of direct light or it will start growing algae.
A drop or two of bleach will extend the storage life of water in a jug.
Buy a couple of extra cases of bottled water when it's on sale, and rotate your stock,
even bottled water goes stale after sitting too long.

Paper Towels

These can double as toilet paper in an emergency.


Three meals a day. For each person you need to feed.
You probably want to pack more than energy bars, but they will keep you alive in an emergency.
Canned fruit, Applesauce, Pringles (canned chips), cookies, canned meat. Don't forget the dog food.
Don't forget the can opener. Salt pepper sugar tabasco sauce.


If you have any addictions, you should plan for them. I mean cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, whatever. You'll be having a hard enough time already, don't add withdrawl to your list of problems. Bring enough for more than a week, FEMA won't be bringin' you any booze.


If you need them, pack them. Think of the consequences of not having your medicine.
Include antacids, aspirin...

First Aid Kit

You should have one of these anyway, the more complete the better.
You should keep one handy anyway.


Plan for 3 days of the worse weather for your region.


You might be able to sleep in your car, maybe not.
If you own a tent, keep it with your kit. Some tarps and ropes come in handy when building your wilderness survival compound.
If you're at home you may need that plastic sheeting and duct tape.


Bring lots of it, everything will be much more expensive during a crisis.
Yes, it's very sad some people are so greedy they would take advantage of you when you're down on your luck. Some people really suck. That's life in the big city.
Plan on it.

Implements of Destruction

No, I'm not talking about WMD's. I mean a shovel, a pick, an axe, a saw, Vice Grips...


Matches in a waterproof container, Candles, Flashlight, Lightstick, Radio, Batteries, Portable stove (sterno), Paper, Pencil, Duct tape, McGuyver Knife, Gloves, trash bags...


The police will be too busy to protect you during a disaster.
Take responsibility for your own protection.
Does anybody not know what I'm talking about?
update: this post was transferred from notparanoid.20megsfree.com


Exploiting Bigfoot?

He's big, he's hairy, he's an author
How could anybody write about Sasquatch as if they know him, just for a joke. I just can't believe anybody could do this (besides me).



Stop Shooting at Me!

Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament Asked To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations - Yahoo! News

He's right, you should all lay down your guns and surrender.

Do I remind you of somebody?

Do I remind you of somebody?

Anybody at all?

Someone close to you maybe.

Perhaps a family member, like your mom?

That's what this head-shrinker says, he says your mother looks like yours truly!
I think you should take this as a supreme compliment, your mom is as good looking as Queetzal.

Personally, I don't see the the resemblance, but then all you mothers look alike to me.


Keep it to yourself!

Have you been abducted by aliens?
Are you going to talk about it?
Think twice before you do.

You better be ready for the public humiliation you're going to face. You will be looked at as a hoaxer, a liar, a scam artist, someone who wants to sell their story for the maximum profit.

There are psychologists/psychiatrists who claim it's all a false memory, saying this is a common symptom of sleep paralysis. It's because of a overactive imagination combined with childhood sexual abuse. That's your Uncle Lester the molester you dream about, not Queetzal. Normal people don't get abducted, only weirdos. (IE: You must be a loony if you claim you were abducted.)

When's the last time you heard a story of alien abduction in the mainstream press where the writer was not mocking rednecks or hillbillies for claiming to be abducted by aliens.
"Hah-ha-ha, how come only inbred morons tell these stories? Hey Bubba, was that grey gal purty? Did she probe ya? buh huh huh!"

Keep it to yourself, or you'll be mocked until you're ready to commit suicide. After you do, everyone will know you were crazy all along,

The conspiracy is real, but even the conspirators don't know it!



Wow, That Sucks!

Myblogsite has informed me that my former blog over at:
is being closed as of November 30, 2005.

I can migrate to BlogHarbor for $8.95 a month.


From now on, this is my main blog.

Here's the text of the message:

Dear MyBlogSite Member,
We'd like to thank you for using the MyBlogSite service and hope that you have found it a fun and useful tool. After a careful evaluation of our product portfolio, we have decided to no longer provide a blog service. We value you as a loyal customer, and want to do everything we can to ensure that you will still be able to continue blogging and keep all your current postings and photos. So we'd like to introduce you to a compatible blog service that you can migrate your account to, BlogHarbor! You'll get a no-risk, 30-Days FREE trial to test the BlogHarbor service. BlogHarbor is a full-service weblog hosting provider based on the same blog platform as MyBlogSite, allowing for an effortless and full migration of your current blogsite. BlogHarbor offers ad-free premium blog hosting starting from $8.95/month, and provides a variety of enhanced services, additional disk space and capacity, total control over the look and feel of your blog, and top-notch customer service and support. BlogHarbor even offers you the ability to use a domain name as your blog address!
Try the BlogHarbor service free for up to 30 days with no obligation! Learn more about migrating your blog to BlogHarbor: http://www.blogharbor.com/migrate Please note that if you elect not to transfer your blog to BlogHarbor, on November 30, 2005 you will no longer be able to access, use, update, or visit your MyBlogSite account.


MyBlogSite Team


Not even 24 hours notice and I can no longer post, so I'll just have to call them rotten bastards from over here.



Resistance is futile!

Alert to Tinfoil Hat Wearers! That aluminum foil you thought was stopping the government mind control may actually be amplifying the effect.


You don't remember anything, got it?

No, really I didn't abduct anybody!
Ask the professor, they're just false memories.


Home Video?

Rubber Johnny is about the strangest video I've ever seen.
Probably not safe for work


Pay No Attention

Pay No Attention to the Stop Alien Abductions site. Do not waste your time blocking alien mind control. Making a thought screen hat is totally unnecessary.
Whatever you do don't look at my poor dead cousin ralphie that that phony dead alien.

Hat tip to: blogcritics


New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms

New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms

It's started, the gun confiscation death squads have begun.

God help us all!

Dog Hating A-holes

What kind of dog-hating a-holes are running our government?
They'd have to pry the gun out of my cold, dead hands after I shot the cruel heartless son of a freaking beyotch who told me to leave my best friend to starve to death. My dog means more to me than all the a-hole bureaucrats that ever lived.
Don't press your luck.


Silly Humans

Do YOU have your emergency kit ready? Would you have enough food,
water, medicine, booze, etc. stocked up so you don't have to starve for
a week until help arrives?

Do you live below sea level, next to a river that floods every year, on
a coastline where hurricaines play? Can you swim? Sooner or later,
you'll have to.

There is a natural tendency among you silly humans to ignore the ugly probabities until they become ugly realities. Then you point the finger of blame at everybody else and ask, Why aren't you helping more, faster, yesterday?

I was gathering intelligence today, recieving earth bases satelite video transmissions. (I think you humans call it watching teevee.)

I saw there are thousands of people in New Orleans who desperately need help, and some of them are shooting at their rescuers! Guess who gets rescued last?

I came to this planet hoping to find an intelligent species in charge.
I'll have to report back to my superiors - this planet is devoid of intelligent life.


Earth Chicks Are Easy!

In the latest Bizarre news newsletter, Jane confesses her love for Queetzal:

My favorite bizarre stories revolve around alien abductions. I read all
I can about this stuff (Queetzal, if you're reading, I think I love you!)

Well Jane, here I am.

Do you think I have a chance with an Earth chick?


Tenth Planet

According to Scientific American and these guys New Planet Discovered in the Solar System, there's a tenth planet just discovered way out beyond Pluto.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I have been there. It's really, really cold, so I'm not going back.


But what about the buffalo?

WorldNetDaily: DNA 'sasquashes' Bigfoot claim.
These guys say it's a Bison, not Bigfoot that left the hair at the site of the Bigfoot sighting.


CSI - Sasquatch

According to the Edmonton Journal, there's a CSI style analysis going on on a clump of hair found after Sasquatch was sighted.
I don't think any analysis (short of an autopsy) can prove Sasquatch exists, it can only prove that it's a clump of dog hair or something. After all, if it doesn't match any known animal, that still doesn't prove anything to the skeptics.
The eyewitnesses don't need proof, they already know what they saw.


Bigfoot does NOT have spots.

According to NBC5.com - Irresistible Headlines; Bigfoot Allegedly Spotted In Canada's Yukon Territory.
I can tell you for sure, Sasquatch does not have spots, stripes or patches. He's kind of a brownish color.


Alien Game

Alien Hominid pretty good entertainment.


Underground Bases

I heard this guy, Robert Dean on the Art Bell show last night, talking about secret alien underground bases.
I didn't find much at his website about the secret bases, so I looked around the internet and found this and this and this and this and this.
Now, I'm not saying which if any of these sites are correct in what they claim, but the truth is available to anybody who has a real good B.S. detector.


They're onto us!

SKAGIT VALLEY HERALD says there's a Bigfoot - UFO connection.
mmm, could be...


MyBlogSite messed up?

For some reason, I am unable to access http://notparanoid.myblogsite.com/blog both firefox and MSIE says:
notparanoid.myblogsite.com could not be found
And I thought Blogger was full of bugs.

Bigfoot in Hiding?

I think Sasquatch has gone into hiding. He wasn't at the designated coordinates when I went to pick him up. He doesn't answer his cell phone. His lady friend hasn't seen him (by the way, she says "good riddance"). I can't even track him down with the implant.

I just hope nobody's bagged him.
According to this article, he's been stolen.


The hunt is on for Bigfoot

I see that Fox's A Current Affair is sending an expedition up to Manitoba to track down by old friend Sasquatch.

Sasquach called me today, and asked me if I could use a little of that alien mind control on those reporters, convince them to stay in Hollywood.

I told him mind control works only on minds. These guys are from Fox, ok? Do you see the lack of a target here?

Hey c'mon, he says, I don't want to end up stuffed in a museum somewhere! You gotta help me out here.

I told him to get on over to his lady friend's house in town, stock up on plenty of beer, and wait till it blows over.

I can't go back there, she's really mad at me. She said if I showed my face around there she'd skin me and make a rug outa my hide!

Yes, that sounds like she's really mad at you. Why?

I didn't do anything..

C'mon Sasquatch! It's me Queetzal, you're talking to. What was it?
You ate all the food in the house didn't you?

Yea, but I always do that.

And then what did you do?

I ate her dog.

Why did you eat her dog?

Cause I couldn't catch the cat. and well, cats don't have much meat on 'em anyway and--

Look I don't want to hear about your strange appetites...
Okay. I'll come pick you up and bring you back here to area 51, but remember, NO BITING THIS TIME! The general is still walking with a limp from the last time you were here.

Okay, he says, I'll behave myself, as long as the beer holds out.

Don't worry, buddy, they fly it in by the planeload...


Subversive Element

I come across this website: Subversive Element
Lots of interesting fun stuff over there; aliens, conspiracies, modern day dinosaurs, sasquatch, and more.

The site isn't espacially sympathetic to my people, however, or very accurate. We do not eat children.



Moblog Test

This is a test of the Queetzal moblogging system.
Do not be alarmed, this is only a test.
Had this been an actual moblog post, you would be reading actual content rather than another stupid test post.


Backup Blog

I'll use this as a backup blog for here.