Keep it to yourself!

Have you been abducted by aliens?
Are you going to talk about it?
Think twice before you do.

You better be ready for the public humiliation you're going to face. You will be looked at as a hoaxer, a liar, a scam artist, someone who wants to sell their story for the maximum profit.

There are psychologists/psychiatrists who claim it's all a false memory, saying this is a common symptom of sleep paralysis. It's because of a overactive imagination combined with childhood sexual abuse. That's your Uncle Lester the molester you dream about, not Queetzal. Normal people don't get abducted, only weirdos. (IE: You must be a loony if you claim you were abducted.)

When's the last time you heard a story of alien abduction in the mainstream press where the writer was not mocking rednecks or hillbillies for claiming to be abducted by aliens.
"Hah-ha-ha, how come only inbred morons tell these stories? Hey Bubba, was that grey gal purty? Did she probe ya? buh huh huh!"

Keep it to yourself, or you'll be mocked until you're ready to commit suicide. After you do, everyone will know you were crazy all along,

The conspiracy is real, but even the conspirators don't know it!


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